The Cadeby Pub & Restaurant

The Cadeby Pub and Restaurant is nestled in a small village between Doncaster and Rotherham. It is the ‘Chocolate box’ country pub that everyone dreams of having in their village.

In 2000, local businessman Gordon Jones bought the pub with his son Ben Jones tasked with its transformation into a gourmet pub and restaurant.

Fab Marketing redesigned the brand with a new logo, colours and typestyle in line with their vision of a pub and restaurant.

Next came the website, built on a word press platform, the result was a fresh, new, easy-to-navigate website that can be used across any browser or device. The website is able to be optimised for search, fast and easy to navigate. Enabled with lead generation and reservation booking applications. It is tracked via the full suite of Google tracking and analysis tools so that they are able to carefully monitor their advertising spend.